Use Google Drive to Share Folders and Files with Course Participants

There are a variety of ways to share files using Google Drive, but this article will focus solely on how to share files and folders inside a web browser.

Go to and sign in using your Davidson credentials.

After you have located the file/folder you want to share, right click on the file or folder and select Share.

Share with a Full Course Group
To share files or folders with the full group of students in a course using Google Drive, type the name of your Course Group email into the Drive "Share with people and groups" pop-up box. If you are unsure of your Course Group email, please email

Share with Individuals
To share with one or more individual students, or other faculty or staff at Davidson College, type their name into the pop-up box. You can share the file with more than one user at a time. When you start typing, possible matches will auto populate in the box.

Share a Link
This will bring up the dialogue box pictured below. If you need to create a link to use as a resource on Moodle, enable the sharing setting "Anyone at Davidson College with the link can view." Please use caution when creating shared links. T&I recommends directly sharing confidential files or folders with specific, named individuals when possible.


After entering the name of the person to share with, click Send


If you want to share with an entire class you will have to type in the name of the course auto-group email address. If you are not sure of the correct auto-group email address to use, some guidelines are presented below:

Auto-group list names are comprised of the SUBJECT, COURSE NUMBER, SECTION NUMBER/LETTER and _ACADEMIC PERIOD of the course. The current term’s academic period is: 201802. (Fall 2019 will be 201901, Spring 2020 will be 201902; and so forth.)

Africana Studies 101–Intro to Africana Studies. Combine the Subject (AFR), course (101), section (0), and academic period (_201802). Thus the course group email address is:​ ​​​​

Physics 130, Section A – General Physics with Calculus. Combine the Subject (PHY), course (130), section (A) and academic period (_201702). Thus the course group email address is:​ ​​​​

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