Zoom SSO Log-in Experience (Desktop Client and Mobile App)

There are several log-in options avaialble when you first download and configure Zoom on your desktop or when using the mobile app. Review the workflow example below which should give you a better sense of what you can expect during this initial process

Step 1:  Sign-In using SSO (single sign-on).  You may notice slightly different sign-in screens, depending on the device you are using, but in either case, sign-in using SSO.  




Step 2:  Add "davidson" to the company domain


Step 3:  Select your Davidson account and enter your password


Step 4:  Select the "remember me" checkbox and complete Duo authentication


Step 5: Choose Open and "allow" or "don't allow" contacts, camera or microphone prompts


Step 5: You'll now see your Zoom meeting options


Now that you've successfully signed in, learn how to add a Zoom meeting and modify meeting settings within Outlook.

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