How to Use a Verizon Jetpack 7730L MiFi Hotspot for Internet Access When Working or Studying Remotely

Davidson College T&I retains a small fleet of Verizon hotspots for use by faculty, staff, and students who need Internet access on the go. A hotspot can help you work or study on the road, at home, or in any place where traditional wired and wireless Internet options are unavailable or unreliable. Hotspot requests are evaluated on a case by case basis. To request a hotspot, email
  1. Power on the hotspot by pressing and holding the power button for a couple of seconds.


  2. After booting, the device will display the main menu.


  3. Click "Wi-Fi Name/Passord" to view the device's default network name and password.


  4. On your device, go to your wifi settings and connect to the network. Enter the password as shown.


  5. You should now be connected to the internet on the Verizon cellular network.

  6. Click (don't hold) the shoulder button to turn off the hotspot's display. As long as the blue LED is blinking, the hotspot is on and providing Internet service.


  7. To charge the device, connect the included micro USB cable to the charging port on the bottom of the hotspot. Plug the cable and charging brick into a wall outlet to begin charging.


  8. To power off the device, hold the power button.

Other things you should know:

  • The speed and quality of your connection will vary according to Verizon's service at your location, just like a regular cellphone would. The quantity of WiFi bars on your device doesn't accurately represent the strength of your connection when hotspotting - just your distance from the hotspot itself.

  • These devices have unlimited data, but Verizon may "de-prioritize" your traffic if you use a lot of bandwidth. Streaming a lot of video content while using a hotspot could jeopardize your ability to work or study when you need the hotspot the most.



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