DavidsonGaming Wireless Network

The DavidsonGaming network is intended for gaming consoles, portable gaming devices, and personal computer gaming.  It is available in all residence halls and some other select areas on campus.  This network is designed to provide a smooth multi-player gaming experience by allowing direct connections between devices (known as "Open NAT Type 1" on Playstation and XBox and "Type A" for Nintendo). 

DavidsonGaming features a loose firewall rule set to reduce the possibility of blocking legitimate traffic. It is also segmented from the rest of the campus network.  Devices on the DavidsonGaming network will not be able to access many student resources.  These differences from Eduroam create an environment with more relaxed security than normal.  While this is needed for multiplayer gaming, we recommend using DavidsonGaming for gaming purposes only.  If using a personal computer for gaming, we recommend switching back to Eduroam when your game is done.

To request the password to DavidsonGaming, please fill out a request here.

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