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Create a Hypothesis Account

Create a Class Group

Create an Annotation

Create a Page Note

Create a Highlight

Create a Reply

Receive Alerts for New/Updated Annotations

Other Functions

See All Annotations


How Do I Create a Hypothesis Account?

  1. Go to the Registration Page. You will need to sign up for a Hypothesis account with an email address and a username. Users will receive a confirmation email shortly–-check your spam box.hypothesis1.png
  2. Because Chrome is the optimal browser for using Hypothesis, install Chrome on your computer and add the Chrome extension through the Chrome store.
  3. Here is a tutorial slideshow on how to install the Chrome extension. And here is a video that walks you through the process.
  4. While you will register at the Hypothesis site, you’ll more typically be signing in through the annotation sidebar after activating Hypothesis using the Chrome extension.hypothesis2.png
  5. Activate the Hypothesis Chrome Extension in the upper right toolbar.hypothesis3.png
  6. You are now all set to annotate the website’s content!

Example of Annotating Text on Home Page (details are below):


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Creating a Class Group:

  1. (Instructor): Now that the Chrome Extension is added, go to your Hypothesis account and in the upper right hand corner, “Create New Group”. Tip: Choose a new name similar to the course name.hypothesis6.png
  2. Groups allow only users within the group to comment and see other comments.
  3. Share the link with students so that they can join the group. hypothesis7.png
  4. Students will receive the following invitation once they click on the link:hypothesis8.png

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How to Create an Annotation

An annotation is the digital equivalent of a marginal note.

  1. Activate the Hypothesis Chrome Extension in the upper right toolbar.hypothesis9.png
  2. Select the text that you want to to annotate. 
  3. Use your mouse to highlight your selectionhypothesis10.png
  4. After your selection is made, use the popup Annotate to create an annotation.hypothesis11.png
  5. A note card will appear. Add your text comments and/ or suggestions in the note card.
  6. The annotation can be marked “Only me” or posted to the group.
  7. When commenting for the class to view, make sure you drop down and change from "Public" to your class group name when posting so all comments are in the class group.

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How to Create a Page Note?

A page note is like a social bookmark and is not selection-based. It associates comments and/or tags with a document or web page without anchoring that information to a passage within the document/ web page.

  1. Create a page note by clicking the New Note control on the Hypothesis vertical sidebar. As with an annotation, add your text and/or tags.hypothesis12.png
  2. When commenting for the class to view, make sure you drop down and change from "Public" to your respective class group when posting so all comments are in the class group.

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How to Create a Highlight?

A highlight is the digital equivalent of swiping a yellow marker over a passage of text.

  1. After making a selection, use the popup Highlight control to create this type of annotation. 
  2. As the name implies, it is just a highlight. It anchors to its selection in the document, and quotes the selection, but there are no comments or tags. 
  3. Your classmates and instructor will not be able to see these highlights, and you will not see highlights left by other students or instructors.

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How to Create a Reply?

  1. You can Reply to any annotation by using the reply action on every note card.

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How do I Receive Alerts for New/Updated Annotations?

  1. When someone else has written a new annotation, or updated an existing annotation, Hypothesis will display a red icon at the top of the sidebar. 
  2. Click on the icon to display all of the new and changed annotations.


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Other Hypothesis Functions


  1. Use the buttons on the top of the sidebar to search annotations, sort your annotations, and get help with Hypothesis.

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See all Annotations and Notes:

  1. Once you and your class have annotated the pages of the website as part of the group, links to those pages will appear on the group’s class page.

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