Virtual Lab Software Availability

Davidson College partners with Apporto to implement their cloud based virtual computer lab solution. Apporto is a leading vendor of cloud based virtual desktops that allow students to access a virtual computer with academic software through a web browser.

We virtualize most of the computer lab software requested by faculty using Apporto. This solution allows us to provide access to Windows-based software from non-Windows systems, and provide access to computer lab resources for students who are off-campus or otherwise unable to use a shared physical computer lab.

How can I access the virtual computer lab?

Are there any restrictions (use-time limitations; when classes scheduled, etc.)? 

  • Our implementation allows 70 concurrent users, which is sufficient to cover the bulk of our needs.
  • We are able to scale the number of concurrent users up on-demand, so you should never be denied the use of virtual lab machine.

What software is available?

 Almost all requested software installed on lab computers available on the Apporto virtual desktop, with a few exceptions based on licensing terms.

I am off-campus — do I need VPN to access the Virtual Lab?

VPN is not required to access Apporto from off-campus. Apporto is integrated into our single sign-on, so access is restricted to Davidson account holders.  


Where should I store any documents I create using a virtual lab computer?

Apporto’s virtual desktops allow users to save files to Apporto managed storage that is associated with each user, which means that information saved on the virtual computer and any customizations will remain available on each user's virtual system just like they would if the user was saving to their own computer. 


Who do I contact if I need support? 

  • If you need help using a particular application, contact your professor for additional support.
  • If you are experiencing problems accessing the Virtual Lab, email T&I at
  • If you have specific issues or questions about Apporto, select the Help dropdown in the upper right-hand corner of the initial log in screen and choose support request, complete the form and Apporto will respond.
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