Install Mnova - Faculty and Student Computers

Mnova from Mestrelab, also known as MestReNova, is used by the Chemistry department to process NMR data. Davidson has a site license which allows installation on faculty and student computers, whether owned by the college or the individual.
  1. You must be connected to the campus network when you first activate the license. This can be via wired network or eduroam wireless while physically on campus, or remotely via VPN.
    • Students - you do not have VPN access by default. To request access in order to use Mnova, use the Request Help button at the bottom of this page.
  2. Download and install the software from Mestrelab's website.
    We are only licensed for version 14.2.1, nothing newer. On the download site, scroll down to the Previous Versions section and locate 14.2.1. 

  3. Download the Mestrelab license file collection (login with your Davidson account is required, use the download arrow in the upper right to get the whole set) and unzip the downloaded file to reveal the .lic files.

  4. Launch Mnova (the app is called MestReNova on Mac), and help it find the .lic files when prompted. There are license files for several different modules; the primary one is NMR. You may also need others such as Mass, but they can be loaded as needed via the Help menu, Get/Install Licenses (or you can do them all now, but they have to be done one at a time).

  5. Once Mnova/MestReNova has verified your license with the on-campus license server, you can use it either on or off the campus network for up to 90 days. After that time, you will need to reconnect to the campus network to renew your license. Use the menu item Help, License Manager to view the remaining valid days. 
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