Requesting a Sponsored Guest Account

Managers, faculty, program coordinators, and other employees can request a sponsored guest account which provides access to Davidson resources to individuals not employed by the college. Vendors, contractors, volunteers, visitors, and auditors are examples of sponsored  guest accounts. This article summarizes the process to request and manage sponsored guest accounts.

Often times folks around campus have users who may need to make use of Davidson resources but are not actual employees of the college. To support these functions, T&I provides sponsored guest accounts by request so that these individuals can have access to the resources they need. 

To request a sponsored guest account, email T&I at and include the following information:

  • Sponsor, if someone other than you will be the sponsor. 
    A sponsor is a Davidson employee responsible for managing the sponsored guest account. 
  • First and last name of the sponsored guest
  • Company name, if applicable (vendors and contractors)
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Description of the need for a sponsored guest account
  • Cell phone number and brand for use when enrolling in DUO multi-factor authentication
  • Applications the sponsored guest will need access to (Office 365, Google Drive, etc.)

Once you have submitted the information, T&I will work with you to approve and create the sponsored guest account. After creation, the sponsor will receive an email from the RapidIdentity portal ( with account credential information which can be shared with the sponsored guest.  

Sponsors are expected to manage guest accounts as needs change. This can be done through the Rapididentity portal at For instance, if a sponsored guest account is no longer needed, sponsors can expire (end access) or, if they need a little more time, sponsors can certify guest accounts for extended access. 

The article below provides full instructions on managing sponsored guest accounts, including how to extend or expire the account: 

Managing Sponsored Guest Accounts - Sponsor Instructions

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