Adding a hardware token to Duo and attaching a user

To add a hardware token to Duo:

  1. Log into Duo
  2. Click Screen_Shot_2020-08-10_at_1.27.04_PM.png then Screen_Shot_2020-08-10_at_1.27.35_PM.png in the left pane.
  3. Copy one of the existing tokens Screen_Shot_2020-08-10_at_1.33.18_PM.png
  4. Click Screen_Shot_2020-08-10_at_1.33.42_PM.png
  5. Past the existing token into the CSV token data fieldScreen_Shot_2020-08-10_at_1.34.23_PM.png
  6. Type the new code, without the dashes, from the back of the token
  7. Append "GO6OATH" to the end of the new tokenScreen_Shot_2020-08-10_at_1.35.57_PM.png
  8. Delete the old token data and click  Screen_Shot_2020-08-10_at_1.33.42_PM.png

To attach a user to a token:

  1. Log into Duo
  2. Click then Screen_Shot_2020-08-10_at_1.27.04_PM.png then Screen_Shot_2020-08-10_at_1.27.35_PM.png in the left pane.
  3. Search for the hardware token Screen_Shot_2020-08-11_at_9.37.33_AM.png
  4. Select the desired token and click on Screen_Shot_2020-08-11_at_9.36.57_AM.png
  5. Enter the username and click Screen_Shot_2020-08-12_at_10.18.01_AM.png

You can also add a hardware directly to a user  account by:

  1. Clicking on Screen_Shot_2020-08-12_at_10.20.12_AM.png
  2. Search for the username  Screen_Shot_2020-08-11_at_9.37.33_AM.png
  3. Click on account,  scroll down and click on Screen_Shot_2020-08-12_at_10.20.33_AM.png
  4. Locate the desired hardware token Screen_Shot_2020-08-12_at_10.23.12_AM.png 
  5. Click Screen_Shot_2020-08-12_at_10.20.41_AM.png
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