Manage Your Zoom Cloud Recordings

Recording management allows you to curate your Zoom cloud recordings, including viewing, deleting, and sharing video, audio, transcript, and chat files. This article will highlight a few important areas to consider when managing Zoom Cloud recordings.  You can find full documentation of management procedures on the Zoom support site. 

How do I access my Zoom Cloud recordings?
Navigate to the Davidson Zoom web portal and login using your Davidson credentials. Select Recordings in the left-hand column.  Click the Cloud Recordings tab from the menu to view your cloud recordings. You can filter this list by adjusting the date range and status and search by meeting ID, topic, or keyword.

How do I delete recordings I no longer need? 
To save cloud and local storage space, you can delete cloud and local recordings anytime by choosing either the cloud or local recording tab, check the recording you want to delete, and choose delete selected from the menu, or click the more dropdown to the right of the selected recording and choose delete.

How do I configure Zoom Cloud sharing settings?

To manage the overall sharing settings for a particular recording, click the Share button next to the selected recording. You'll then see options in Share this cloud recording.  We recommend the following:

  • Share this recording to Only authenticated users can view (note that this means anyone with a Davidson login, not just students in the class).
  • Viewers can download
    • If you enable downloads, any authenticated Davidson user with the recording URL (and the password, if so configured) can download and redistribute the recording.
    • If you disable downloads, you will need to provide the class with a link to each file you intend to share (main audio-video recording, audio-only file, text transcript, etc.)
  •  Password protection
    • Disabling password protection means that anyone (or anyone with a valid Davidson login, depending on your settings) can access the recording or file.
    • Enabling password protection means that each recording or file is assigned a random password. You must then retrieve that password and communicate it to the class. 
  • Copy sharing information to clipboard 
    • Once copied, you can easily share the details with others.

How do I manage Zoom Cloud recording files?
To manage the files for a particular recording, find the recording in the list, and click its topic.
Note: If your meeting has not finished converting, the recording will show in the list with a Processing Recording label. Once the recording has finished converting, you will be able to view, share, download, or delete your cloud recording.

With an individual recording is selected, you will see your files and management options. Depending on your selected options, you may see multiple files including one or more video files, an audio-only recording, a text transcription file, and/or a chat log. You'll have several choices. including the option to rename your recording, download associated recording files, get shareable links to the recording, delete one or more of the recording files. This video provides a quick overview of these options.

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