Cortana Daily Briefing Email

Who is Cortana and why is she emailing me?

Cortana is Microsoft’s digital assistant technology. The daily briefing email is new functionality Microsoft is rolling out across all customer environments.


What is a daily briefing?

The email is a personalized brief that will appear in your Outlook inbox at the start of your workday, providing “intelligent, actionable recommendations of documents for you to review ahead of the day’s meetings and drawing your attention to pending requests or commitments from prior emails that you may want to follow up on.” (Microsoft).  


Can I opt-out of these emails?

Sure! The quickest way to opt-out is to click on the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of one of the daily briefing emails.  You can opt-out or back in at any time by visiting

What do these emails look like?

The daily briefing emails will be sent by “Cortana” ( with a subject of “Your Daily Briefing”.  These emails are not phishing attempts nor are they spam.

Where can I learn more about these emails?

Please check out Microsoft’s frequently asked questions here.

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