PawPrint FAQ

PawPrint is a networked printing software application that allows students and employees to print from personal computers, Davidson College managed devices, and public labs to networked printers available across campus. Students, faculty and staff can release print jobs at any PawPrint location.  

Frequently Asked Questions

When I try to print from my personal Mac, I keep getting a "hold for authentication" message, but nothing prints.  How can I fix this? 

The first time you print, you'll be prompted to enter your Davidson credentials.  On a Mac, the name field will be auto-filled with your computer device name, for example, John Doe.  If you didn't change it to your Davidson username, i.e. jodoe,  you will see the hold for authentication message when you try to print.  To resolve:

  • Select the refresh icon from the print window
  • At the prompt, remove the auto-fille computer name and enter your Davidson username (i.e. jodoe)
  • Enter your Davidson password (same as your Davidson email password)
  • Check the box to remember the password in my keychain to avoid future prompts. 


When I try to install PawPrint on my personal Windows computer, the installation keeps failing. Who should I contact? 

This issue has been reported by several students using Windows devices.  If upon the initial installation you entered your Davidson username instead of your full Davidson email, Windows stores that credential which results in the failed installation.  To resolve:

  • Email T&I and we will provide instructions to resolve. 

When I go to release a print job, the printer beeps, and a paper size error message appears.  Can I print from Chrome? 

Yes, but you just need to confirm first.   By default, Chrome is set is A3 paper size, instead of the standard Letter size. If you get this message at the printer:

  • Click OK to accept Letter as the option to print. 
  • Then next time you print from Chrome, change the default paper size to Letter to save this preference for future printing. 


When I view my printers, I see several options.  What's the difference? 

Many of the new devices offer color and finishing options, you'll have a few printers to choose from. Below is a breakdown of PawPrint options.  You can view features, including color, copy, scan, and finishing features in our PawPrint locations article.


  • PawPrint 
  • PawPrint Advanced HP 
  • PawPrint Advanced Canon
  • PawPrint Employee (work-study students can add this printer for job-related printing)


  • PawPrint Employee
  • PawPrint Employee Advanced HP 
  • PawPrint Employee Advanced Canon

How do I print in color? 

Review our PawPrint color printing article which provides step by step instructions. 

How do I print via e-mail? 

Send the document that you would like to print to as an attachment. You will receive an e-mail from that will give you a link to release your print job at any of our convenient PawPrint locations

Where do I get toner and staples for my department's PawPrinter?

For students: e-mail and let us know what the problem and the name of the printer is (Note: it is on a white label on the front of the device).

For employees: Toner & staples should automatically ship to your department when the device runs low. If this has not happened, please contact Hendrix Business Systems using this form:, or call them at 1.800.283.8695. You will need to provide the following information:

Customer Number: leave blank

Address: 209 Ridge Rd Davidson, NC 28035

Contact Information: Your name, work number, and e-mail address

Device ID: Is printed on the silver Hendrix sticker on every device.

Consumable: the toner or staples that the device has run out of

Quantity: how many replacement items you need 

Shipping Instructions: The building and room number where your printer is located


Do I need to keep the old PawPrinters listed on my device or can I delete them? 

For students: you can remove the old PawPrinters from your device list. 

For employees: if you are printing to a device that has not been replaced yet,  you can continue to use FacStaff PawPrinters until the new device arrives, mid-late September.  Once the device has been replaced, FacStaff PawPrinters can be deleted from your list. Follow the instructions below to delete:

Mac Users:
Go to system preferences, select printers and scanners, choose PawPrinters (students) or FacStaff PawPrinters (employees), and click the minus to remove.

Windows Users: 

Open Control Panel, Devices and Printers, select PawPrinters (students) or FacStaff PawPrinters (employees), choose remove the device and confirm.



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