Zoom Meeting Updates and Security Features

Zoom updates settings to improve the convenience and security of your meetings, classes and recordings. Please note that some of these changes below apply for new meetings. If you would like to update an existing meeting, simply log into Zoom and modify settings as needed.

New - September 2020
Zoom Client Upgrade (5.2.3)
The latest version of Zoom (5.2.3) is now available for download. This update contains a number of meeting/webinar features, listed below.  Learn more about these new features and get upgrade instructions here.

  • Meeting/webinar features
    • Custom languages for language interpretation 
    • High Fidelity Audio mode 
    • Custom gallery view organization 
    • Multi-pin and multi-spotlight 
  • Webinar features
    • Phone audio options for Webinar attendees


August 2020
Access to Zoom Cloud for recordings:
Zoom Cloud recording is now enabled, and is the recommended location for recording meetings. This improves convenience by eliminating the need to process the video file on your computer, as well as the manual step to upload recordings to Dropbox or Google Drive after a meeting. Instead, meeting recordings can be securely streamed through the Zoom platform. 

By default, cloud-recorded Zoom meetings have several security and accessibility settings, which you can adjust:

  • Cloud recordings are restricted by default to signed-in Zoom users with Davidson accounts -- you can elect to change this to make recording links public. If additional security is needed, you can add a per-recording password or restrict downloading.
  • Zoom will automatically generate a transcript of the meeting audio. If you require a higher level of transcription for ADA compliance, please contact Academic Access & Disability Resources.
  • Only hosts/co-hosts can record meetings, not participants.

Learn more about Zoom cloud recording and Managing your Zoom cloud recording

Authenticating and watermarking your classes to deter intrusion and unwanted sharing: Faculty have previously expressed concerns about unwanted persons entering Zoom meetings or about the risk of meeting materials being shared outside of the session.  In spring 2020, Zoom security improved through default meeting passwords, screen sharing by host permission only, and longer meeting ID numbers; some faculty also made use of waiting rooms and other Zoom features.

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