Zoom Waiting Room Settings

You can easily update your Zoom settings to allow participants with a Davidson account to bypass the waiting room while directing non-Davidson users to the waiting room. The host (or co-host) then has the ability to manage (allow or deny access) to non-Davidson participants in the waiting room.  

Please use the steps below to update your Zoom waiting room settings.

  1. From any web browser, navigate to davidson.zoom.us, choose Sign In, enter your Davidson credentials, including Duo multi-factor authentication, if prompted.
  2. Select settings from the menu 
  1. Under Waiting Room Options, select Edit Options 
  2. In the top section "Who should go in the waiting room", select Users not in your account, then Continue. 
    Choosing this option moves non-Davidson users to the waiting room and allows Davidson users to bypass the waiting room and go directly into the meeting.

  3. Your settings are now updated.  No further action is required.

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