Duo Lockout Caused by Automatic Pushes

A common reason Duo accounts lock out has to do with how Duo notification settings interact with an application's syncing settings. If a Duo account's device settings are set to "automatically send this device a push," the connected device will receive a push notification every time an application syncs. This can often cause many push notification time-outs and result in an account lockout. 

To resolve this issue:

1. Visit duo.davidson.edu.

2. From the "Do You Duo?" page, in the lower-right of the page, select the green "Manage Devices" button.




3. Select "Send me a push" from the left-side prompt


4. Accept the push notification to get to the next screen

5. Under "My Settings and Devices", scroll down to "Default Device"

6. Click the drop-down arrow next to "When I log in:"

7. Select "Ask me to choose an authentication method"

8. Click "Save"


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