HOW TO: Delete recordings from Zoom cloud storage

Zoom cloud storage has limited capacity, so it is imperative that each user monitors their stored recordings, periodically removing those which are no longer needed, or which have been downloaded and moved to permanent storage elsewhere. This article outlines the procedure for deleting recordings stored in Zoom cloud.

  1. Begin by signing into using your Davidson credentials.
    Screen_Shot_2021-08-09_at_2.45.04_PM.png Screen_Shot_2021-08-09_at_2.46.44_PM.png

  2. Next, locate the Recordings heading in the left column and click it to open your stored recordings list. (By default, the list opens to the Cloud Recordings tab. If for any reason you are in Local Recordings, click Cloud Recordings to open that tab.) The main body of the page contains a list of your stored recordings, showing the topic, ID number, and file count and total size of each.

  3. From here, you have two options for deleting files:
    • Delete All: Press the Delete All button to remove all files associated with every stored recording permanently.
    • Delete Selected: Delete specific recordings by ticking the box to the left of their topic, and then clicking Delete Selected.
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