How to use the COVID-19 Symptom Tracker | Fall 2021 Update

As part of Davidson College's continued response to COVID-19, the college has implemented a Symptom Tracker for all faculty, staff and students. This article provides details on how to access and log in to the Symptom Tracker site from your computer and mobile devices. This tracker has been updated for Fall 2021. 

How do I access the symptom tracker?

You can launch the symptom tracker application using any web browser at

Log in using your Davidson username and password. You may wish to bookmark the page for future reference. You can also add Symptom Tracker as an icon on your device

When should I use the Symptom Tracker?

Every student and employee of the college is expected to complete the symptom checker every day that the employee is coming to campus. You should complete the Daily Questionnaire at least an hour before leaving for campus so you can alert your department/manager or professor if your arrival will be delayed.

You do not have to complete the symptom checker on days when you are not coming to campus.

Honesty is Critical

We can protect each other and our community only if we answer the questions on the daily questionnaire honestly and accurately. For the sake of your fellow students and employees, please take the time to pause and reflect each day as you use the Symptom Tracker website. If you have symptoms, report them through the tracker, and take the steps listed below.

Instructions for using the Symptom Tracker

After you log in to the Symptom Tracker, you will see a list of possible symptoms and conditions. Please check each one of the symptoms based on how you are feeling, then press the Submit button.

If you have none of these symptoms, leave them blank and press Submit.




On the next page, you will see a Green, Yellow or Red "pass." 

  • Green: you are cleared to be on campus and participate in campus activities without restriction.
  • Yellow: your symptoms do not prevent you from campus activity at this time, but self-monitor for any additional symptoms or change in how you are feeling. If you feel worse or experience any unusual changes, please leave class or campus and seek medical attention.
  • Red: do not come to campus or leave your Residence Hall, and contact the Center for Student Health and Well-Being (students) or Human Resources (employees). See below for further instructions.

The Green, Yellow or Red pass will appear for the next 24 hours after completing the questionnaire. If you close your web browser, log back in to to show your pass. You may need this pass to enter some campus facilities like Vail Commons.

If you are unable to access the Symptom Tracker application on your computer or mobile device, please contact the T&I Support Center.




Instructions for Individuals with Red Status


Contact the Davidson Center for Student Health and Well-Being for further instructions. Their phone number is (704) 894-2300.


If you receive a Red status, you must consult with a medical practitioner. You may do that through a call and/or visit with your primary care doctor, physician’s assistant, or nurse, a visit to an Urgent Care, or an online virtual visit. The goal of the visit will be to discuss the symptoms you are having, and secure either an all-clear to go to work or receive guidance to quarantine.

Once you have consulted with your medical practitioner, you must call Human Resources at 704-894-2020 and report whether your medical practitioner is allowing you to come to work, or recommending that you quarantine or isolate, and for how long. As part of this call, Human Resources may ask about others on campus with whom you were in close contact in prior days.

Human Resources will communicate with your department/manager about attendance, without sharing any confidential health information.

Any employee of the college who receives a positive test result and who has been on campus in recent days must call Human Resources (HR) at 704-894-2020 to share information about others on campus with whom the employee was in close contact. HR will use this information to alert others on campus who may have been exposed to the virus and to determine whether campus spaces need deep cleaning.



Human Resources (for employees) and Center for Student Health and Well-Being (for students) will receive data from the Symptom Tracker when you receive a Green, Yellow or Red status, but will not receive details about what symptom triggered that status. Both offices will use the Symptom Tracker data to determine what course of action is needed in response to results presented by the Symptom Tracker website, to help you find appropriate medical advice, and to help you manage any time away from campus, classes, work, etc.


Add the Symptom Tracker icon to your mobile device Home Screen

  • iOS 
    • Using the Safari web browser, enter the symptom tracker URL and sign-in using the instructions above.
    • Tap the Share button, Screen_Shot_2021-02-04_at_8.38.37_AM.png then scroll up and tap Add to Home Screen. The icon will now appear on your Home Screen for quick access to the symptom tracker.

  • Android (instructions may vary based on device type) 
    • Launch Chrome web browser 
    • Enter symptom tracker URL and sign-in using the instructions above.
    • Tap the menu icon (3 dots in the upper right corner) and tap Add to Home Screen for quick access to the symptom tracker.
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