Identifying Restricted Folders in Dropbox


Google Drive replaced Dropbox as Davidson’s primary cloud storage and file sharing solution on December 13, 2021. All files and folders from Davidson-owned personal and departmental Dropbox folders have now been migrated to Google Drive. For more information, visit the project support page.
Folders located in a Dropbox department team folder inherit all permissions from the top level so that the entire org/department has access to content by default. In December of 2019, Dropbox released a restricted folder feature that allowed editors to remove users from subfolders, restricting them to a small set of users in the department. This article highlights how to identify these restricted folders.

How Do I Identify a Restricted Folder?

Restricted folders are easily spotted by unique folder icons. Instead of the normal building indicator on the folder image, you will see a circle with a line through it, as depicted below.


Another indicator of a folder being restricted is the number of members with permissions to it. If a folder has less members than the root of its department team folder, it is a restricted folder. For example, the following screenshot shows a subfolder named “subfolder” which only 2 members have access to, whereas the total number of team members for the All T&I department team folder is 42.



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