PawPrint for Student Employees

PawPrint is a networked printing software application that allows students and employees to print from personal computers, Davidson College managed devices, and public labs to networked printers available across campus. This article will walk you through how to print and release documents, copy and scan using PawPrint as a student employee.   

Students who work for campus departments may sometimes need to print or photocopy for their work. PawPrint makes it possible for student employees to choose which print/copy jobs should be billed to their employing department, rather than their personal account.

The details of the procedures below will vary slightly depending on the model of print/copy device in question, but the basic outline is the same. For more information on the specifics of printing with PawPrint, see the PawPrint for Students article.

Copying as a Student Employee

Tap your ID card to log into the print/copy device and choose the copy option. You will be prompted to choose how this copy job is to be charged, personal or department.

Printing as a Student Employee

  1. Log into the computer as yourself.

  2. Print to the queues that have Employee in the name. College-owned computers should have these present already; if you are using your personally-owned computer, choose "Add Printers" in the PaperCut Print Deploy window. 

  3. At the device, tap your card to log in, choose the job(s) to be printed, and choose Print.

  4. You will then be prompted to choose who's paying; the job doesn't actually start printing until after that choice is made. 

Using PawPrint Student for Personal Jobs

Personal jobs sent to the Employee queues by students are charged to your declining balance, even if they are in black and white. Using the student PawPrint option for personal jobs benefits you by not requiring a billing prompt each time you release a job, as well as by allowing you to access free black and white student printing.

My Department Isn't Listed

Information about which students work for which departments is imported from Banner periodically. All hiring paperwork has to be completed and processed before this happens. If a newly hired student does not yet have the option to bill printing and copying to the department, please follow up with Human Resources.


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