Banner Team Leaders

Name Office
Barth, Michael T&I
Beatty, Jaimie T&I
Boyles, Laura Institutional Research
Buchanan, Sarah Dean of Students
Bunzey, Selah  T&I
Chester, Alan Admission and Financial Aid
Conner, Castell Admission
DiMarco, Paul T&I
Donovan, Jessamyn T&I
Fuller, Susie Business Services
Goode, Mike College Union
Hopkins, Kris Admission & Financial Aid
Horton, Kim College Communications
Jacobsen, Marc Registrar
Jenest, Sarah Athletics
Lockwood, Dana Human Resources
Miller, Diana Dean of Students
Morrissey, Ellen College Relations
Mumma, Meredith Academic Affairs
Ramirez-Sanchez, Johanna T&I
Richards, Cathy Business Services
Sawicki, Meg Study Abroad
Stovall, Anna Financial Aid
Tuttle, Kristen College Relations
Wright, Lorraine Human Resources


For Banner assistance or questions, Banner users should start with their area’s Banner Team Leader.


Members of the Banner Team Leaders are maintained in the 'BTL' Active Directory group. 

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