How-To: Disable YouTube video embedding in Moodle 4

By default, video links placed in Moodle pages (even as linked text) are displayed as embedded videos by the Moodle multimedia plug-in, and presented like so.

While this can be desirable for controlling page formatting and limiting the need for students to link outside the Moodle site, it can also result in cluttered pages and slow page load times. To force Moodle to display a link rather than an embedded video, modify the link to include the text "embed=no&", as shown below.

Source link:

Place the no embed flag between "watch?" and "v=", like so:

This will force Moodle to present the linked text as text, rather than converting it to embedded video.

An alternative is to upload the Youtube video as an asset in YuJa EVP, and link to it from there.

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