Getting to Know Your Polycom VVX Series phone

Getting to know your Polycom VVX250

The phone has icons, status indicators, and user screens to help you navigate and understand important information on the state of your phone.

Accessing Screens

You can access the following screens on the phone:

  • Home Screen – Displays your messages, settings, and information.
  • Calls Screen – Displays all active and held calls on your line.
  • Lines Screen – Displays your phone lines, favorites, and conditional soft keys.
  • Active Call Screen – Displays the active call currently in progress.

Access the Home Screen

The Home screen displays the phone lines and icons you can select to access phone features, settings and information.


You can access the home screen at any time by pressing the Home key Home_Key_icon.png


Access the Calls Screen

The Calls screen is automatically displayed when you have an active call and one or more held calls on your phone.  The total number of calls is displayed on your line.  If you have multiple lines on your phone, the calls display under the associated line, as shown below.



Access the Lines Screen

The Lines screen is the default screen when your phone is in use.

When you have multiple calls on your phone, the number of calls is displayed next to the line number.  You can view your phone lines, and soft keys on the Lines screen as shown below.



Access the Active Call Screen

The Active Call screen is displayed when you place a call and when an active call is in progress.  When an active call is in progress, the name and number of the contact you are talking with and the duration of the call is displayed.  In the Active Call screen, you can hold, end, transfer a call or set up a conference call.



Switch Among Phone screens

You can see any phone screen by pressing the Home Key Home_Key_icon.png or swiping you finger from right to left on the touchscreen.  Although you can access any phone screen for whatever screen you are on, certain screens are only accessible if your phone is idle or has one or more calls in progress.

You can access these screens in the following scenarios:

  • If your phone is not in use, you can access the Home and Lines screens.
  • If you phone has an active call, you can access all screens.
  • If you phone has multiple calls, or one held call, you can access the Home, Lines and Calls screens.
  • If you phone is off-hook but not on a call, you can access Home and Lines screens.

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