PawPrint Scan Too Large or Didn't Email

The PawPrint service has certain size limitations for documents that are being scanned and then emailed. This limitation also exists on the email side (so a file could be sent by PawPrint, but still be too big for our email server to deliver it.)


To mitigate this, we recommend trying to split the scan into multiple files.


This can be done by:


  1. Click "Scan to any email"IMG_1766.jpg
  2. Enter the email address you'd like the scan delivered to, then click OptionsIMG_1767.jpg
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the options menu, and click "Create Multiple Files"IMG_1768.jpg
  4. Enter a number of pages to be split by (every 5, 7, 10, 15, etc.). We recommend no higher than 20 pages to avoid further size complications.IMG_1769.jpg
  5. Click Done to close the options menu.
  6. Enter any further details that you would like to customize (file name, email address, etc.), then click Send.
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