Listservs, Distribution Groups, and Shared Mailboxes Overview


A listserv is used to distribute emails to all of the users who have subscribed to that particular listserv.

A Distribution Group distributes emails sent to it to the inbox of the individual members in the list. Unlike a listserv, users cannot subscribe themselves; they must be added by a distribution group manager.

A Shared Mailbox does not distribute received mail to individual users. All mail instead goes to a separate mailbox that must be checked separately from your own personal mailbox. To access a shared mailbox, users must have permissions from the owner, and add it to either the Outlook desktop or web app. A shared mailbox can also be used to send messages as the shared mailbox instead of as oneself.




✓ Anyone that already has access to a Davidson email account (students, faculty, staff, recent alumni)




Listservs and Distribution groups are great for mass communication to select users (whether you added them yourself or if they chose to subscribe). 

✓ Shared mailboxes are also great for situations where multiple people may need to read AND reply as the receiving mailbox. For example, multiple people may have access to the main mailbox for Financial Aid, or HR, or Student Health.




Any requests to create, modify, or delete a listserv/distribution list/shared mailbox should be emailed to

→ You can check out the listservs available to you by going to




  • Eligible users can subscribe at will by searching for or clicking on a listserv.
  • Distribution list managers can add new users.
  • Anyone with access to a shared mailbox can also extend up to that same level of access to anyone with an active Davidson email account.



Any data included in these services should be treated with the same level of security as any other email shared within the Davidson email network, with relevance to the content included in the email.



There is no charge for the creation of listservs, distribution lists, or shared mailboxes.



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