Wireless Network/WiFi Overview


Davidson College provides high-speed enterprise-grade wireless network access across the majority of the main campus.




✓ There are multiple networks available: eduroam, DavidsonDevice, DavidsonGuest, and DavidsonGaming.

✓ All wireless networks are available 24/7/365. Maintenance including outages or degradation of service will be announced well in advance.

✓ Wireless connectivity exists in nearly all buildings on campus as well as many outdoor locations used for outdoor gathering, activities, seating, and heavy walking paths.

✓ All members of the Davidson community (students, faculty, staff, trustees) with an active @davidson.edu account are eligible to connect to eduroam. The DavidsonDevice network password can be provided upon request, but should not be used for phones, laptops, or tablets (Eduroam is the best network for these). DavidsonGuest access is provided as a courtesy to anyone on campus grounds.

✓ Visitors from participating Eduroam institutions may find that their devices automatically connect to eduroam with encrypted guest access.

✓ Networks are available to all WiFi enabled devices that meet the minimum supported WiFi requirements.




✓ Eduroam is our primary network and should be used for all computers, laptops, phones, iPads, and tablets by members of the Davidson community (including students, faculty, staff, trustees, contractors with davidson.edu accounts, etc.) 

✓ DavidsonDevice is designed for home devices that are unable to connect to eduroam due to technical and security requirements that they lack. This includes devices such as SmartTVs, game consoles, media devices, smart speakers, and other “internet of things” devices. 

✓ DavidsonGuest is designed for guests only, requires users to agree to acceptable use terms, is speed-limited, and is unencrypted. 

✓ DavidsonGaming is only available in residence halls. This network is optimized for online gameplay, however these optimizations do compromise security. Use this network only for game consoles and PC when you are gaming. Once you are done it is recommended that computers be rejoined to eduroam. Many campus resources are not available to the DavidsonGaming network.

✓ Various other networks exist for specific scenarios in some locations.




Please report any speed, signal, or consistency issues to the T&I Support Center. 

→ WiFi networks support 802.11 a, g, n, ac, and ax standards. Note that 802.11b or any device requiring data rates below 11Mb/s are not supported.

→ Sonos systems, Phillips Hue, and some Nintendo systems are unsupported. “Internet of Things” (weather monitors, wifi lights, power sockets, etc) and media player devices are on a best effort level of support, but are not guaranteed to be compatible.




The DavidsonGuest network is not encrypted and is not recommended for any private, financial, secret, or business transactions without the use of a Virtual Private Network software. Use at your own risk.

The DavidsonDevice and DavidsonGaming networks offer a coffee-shop level of encryption. They are encrypted, but not recommended for highly sensitive transactions.

Eduroam is fully encrypted with high standards, and is acceptable for even credit-card transactions.




Wifi access is provided for Davidson College departments and users with no additional fee.




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