Third-party Software Update Process

In addition to delivering automated updates to operating systems (Windows and macOS) for Davidson-managed computers, T&I also provides automatic updates for certain popular software applications, like Google Chrome, Adobe Acrobat Reader, and Firefox that are often targeted by cybercriminals and hackers.

Why is this weekly update process needed?

Outdated software contains security vulnerabilities. Software that is not up-to-date poses a security risk to the College, and leaves computers open to exploitation by malicious actors. By implementing a scheduled third-party software update process, and keeping these Davidson-provided applications up to date, we can close these pathways and vulnerabilities, and better protect Davidson computers and networks.


What applications are part of this weekly update process?

The current list of 3rd party applications: 

Acrobat Reader


Google Chrome


VLC (Mac only)


Note: Additional applications will be added to this list as needed.


What will I notice with this new process?

For Windows users, no action is needed by individual computer users. This process will run automatically in the background. 

For Mac users, applications not in use will be updated in the background. For active applications, users will be prompted on Tuesday and Wednesday of each week that updates are available, and be prompted to start the update. On Thursdays, Macs that did not update earlier in the week will be prompted to take action. Mac users have the ability to “snooze” this request three times. After the third “snooze” applications will be closed automatically and updated.


When is the best time to do this update each week?

T&I recommends that Mac users close all applications on Tuesday before going to lunch or before leaving for the day. This will allow the service to update applications without any user interaction.

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