Custom Web Servers Overview


Custom Web Servers is the service that provides website hosting for subdomains of the main domain. These subdomains can be utilized to host sites that are linked from the main domain. These subdomains may be hosted on a server located within Davidson’s infrastructure that is managed and maintained by T&I staff, or it may be hosted on a website service offering within a cloud hosting provider.




✓ Custom web servers are available 24/7/365 for Davidson faculty and staff



Websites developed and maintained by Davidson faculty or staff that can be linked from the main website managed by College Communications

✓ Sites used to further highlight departments or individual classes to provide additional details or functions not provided by the website

✓ Static websites that do not require access to other Davidson services or any Davidson data

✓ Websites that function under the Microsoft IIS Web Server platform




Support for Custom Web Servers are provided during T&I’s normal business hours.

→ T&I offers support for site setup within the Microsoft IIS web server and provides full support for the servers used to host the Microsoft IIS web server software as well as the management and maintenance of the Microsoft IIS web server software.




The Custom Web Servers do not have access to Davidson data or services hosted on other Davidson systems. Therefore, sites hosted on a Custom Web Server cannot access any other systems such as Banner.


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