Adjust Your Zoom Phone Settings

Zoom Phone replaced Cisco as Davidson's telephone provider on June 30, 2022. On this date, all Davidson faculty and staff with college phone numbers began using Zoom Phone to make and receive phone calls. Zoom Phone Settings on the Zoom Web Portal

Access the Zoom Web Portal

Whether you use a traditional desk phone, bluetooth device or your computer speakers, you'll use the Zoom web portal to adjust your Zoom Phone settings.  

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal by going to  Navigation for settings will appear on the right hand side. You may need to choose My Account in the upper right corner in order to see these settings.         

  2. Click Phone, then click the Settings tab.


Set Up Your Essential Settings

  • Emergency Address:  While on campus, whether you use a traditional desk phone or the Zoom app, your emergency address will be automatically detected.  If you find a discrepancy in the campus address detected, please report it to                                                                             
    • If you work remotely, you must enable 911 Location Permissions and add your remote address as a Personal Emergency Address. This will help emergency responders find you. Click here for Detailed instructions on enabling 911 Location Permission and how to add Personal Emergency Addresses.                                                                                                                                          
    •  Note:  Although traditional desk phones will automatically detect your location, if you move to a new office/location, please notify so we can confirm that your E911 location has been updated.                                                                                                                                                            
  • Business/Closed/Holiday Hours: With Phone selected on the left side navigation and the Settings tab open on the top menu, scroll down to the Call Handling section. Click Edit to customize the times when you can answer calls. More Information about Call Handling.

  • Voicemail Greeting: Set up the audio that plays before when you do not answer your Zoom Phone. With Phone selected on the left side navigation and the Settings tab open on the top menu, scroll down to the Call Handling section.

    Under Greeting & Leave voicemail instruction, click on Audio Library, directly to the right of the play button. The play button will playback any currently recorded greetings.


    In the pop-up window that appears, choose Add Audio. You can choose to Upload an existing audio file, Record by Computer or use the Text to Speech option to have Zoom Phone read out text you type in.

    After recording or uploading a message, click Add to add the recording to your Audio Library. Then, click on Use the Audio to confirm the changes and set your voicemail. If you have more than one recording, use the blue radio button to choose your preferred recording.

Making Phone Calls

After setup, you can start making and receiving calls using Zoom Phone. Make calls using the dial pad under the Phone option, or search through your internal, external or synced contacts. For incoming calls, you can decline a call to route it to your voicemail.   


In-Call Controls

While in a call, you can:



By default, you can call any Davidson contacts directly in the Zoom Phone app on your computer or phone. With the Phone section selected in your Zoom app, begin typing any contact name or number in the "Enter a name or number" line to pull up related Davidson contacts.

To add contacts from outside of Davidson to Zoom Phone:

Zoom Desktop clientSync your contacts with Google, Office 365, or Exchange. After syncing your contacts, you can add synced contacts using your call history or voicemail.

Zoom mobile appView your phone's contacts in the Zoom Phone mobile app. 



Checking Voicemail

Zoom Phone forwards all unanswered and declined inbound calls to your voicemail. You can use the Zoom desktop client, mobile app, or web portal to play and manage your voicemail messages



Call History and Recordings

After making, receiving, or recording calls, you can check your call history and recordings on the Zoom desktop client, mobile app, or web portal. 



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