Reviewing Your Inside Davidson Content

Inside Davidson retired as a service on December 22, 2022. Pages and content stored in Inside Davidson are no longer available to access. Students and employees can continue to stay connected to information and services across campus by using Davidson One. If you have questions about content you previously stored on Inside Davidson, please email

Why Inside Davidson Is Retiring

The platform that Inside Davidson is hosted on will no longer be supported by Microsoft at the end of this calendar year. Thank you in advance for your time and effort to review, save and migrate content that may still be hosted on the platform. If you have questions about this project please email

To continue to provide access to employee information across campus, an employee version of Davidson One launched in November 2022. Davidson One is a web and mobile application designed for the Davidson community. With Davidson One, users can easily access resources across Davidson in one spot. 

How to Review Your Documents 

How to Review Your Sites 


How to Review Your Documents

Many departments chose to use Inside Davidson for file storage, meeting note repositories, and other collaborative purposes in the past. While your department may not be currently using Inside Davidson for this purpose, there may be historic or current documents of interest to your department or the Davidson Archives. 

Please review any Inside Davidson departmental sites and any content you have access to by November 11, 2022. Move content you want to keep to a departmental Google Shared Drive, or mark them for submission to the Archives.

To review Inside Davidson for content:

  1. Sign into Inside Davidson with your Davidson email address and password.

  2. In the grey left-hand column, review the list of department areas you are a member of.


  3. Click on any department area to open that area's mini-site within Inside Davidson. Content areas and folders will be listed in the left-hand column and across the black menu bar at the top of the page. A list of Document Libraries, with information about content items and modified dates, can be accessed by clicking on Documents at the top of the grey left-hand column.



    You can also see a full list of site contents by choosing All Site Content at the very bottom of the grey left-hand column. Please note that sections of your department may be their own mini sites and will only show content for that area.


  4. Click into any folder or content area to review files. To open a file to review it, click on the file name.

  5. To download a file, click on the empty rounded check box next to the document icon. A check mark will appear inside the box when the document is selected. Click Download a Copy to download a copy of that document to your computer. There is no bulk download option in Inside Davidson. Documents must be downloaded one at a time.


  6. Upload any documents you've downloaded to a departmental shared Google Drive so that your department continues to have access to any needed documents.

How to Review Your Sites

Some departments also hosted open information for employees on mini-sites within Inside Davidson. Upon the retirement of the service, these sites will no longer be available, and content will need to be moved to a Google Site or a Google Drive. Davidson T&I has identified priority areas including HR, Wildcat Wellness, Classifieds, Policy Documentation and Employee News. If your department or organization needs to continue to host information for employees that is not already located on, please email to begin planning with the Inside Davidson transition team.


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