Duo Universal Prompt

A new look for Duo is coming!

On October 17, 2022, T&I will begin implementing Duo’s new simplified, accessible authentication experience called Duo Universal Prompt. This updated authentication prompt is designed to provide a streamlined authentication experience that feels simple and fast. During the implementation phase, you will see a mix of the new Duo Universal Prompt and the traditional prompt when signing in while T&I works to move applications to the new experience. All applications are expected to be transitioned over to the new Duo Universal Prompt by Friday, October 28.

Here are some changes you can expect to see with the new Duo Universal Prompt: 

  1. Last-used authentication method. The Universal Prompt remembers your last-used authentication method (e.g. Duo Push, security key, TouchID, etc.) and displays that option by default. You will not see other available login methods until you click “Other options.” 

  2. Automatic Duo Push. Once you land on the Universal Prompt, it will automatically send a Duo Push to your device without needing to click a button (if you use Duo Push). 

  3. Updated visual appearance. The Universal Prompt has been visually redesigned with a simplified interface. 

Current/Traditional Prompt

New Universal Prompt

TraditionalPrompt.png UniversalPrompt.png


The first time you sign in to an application that uses the Duo Universal Prompt, Duo chooses one of your configured login options automatically, selecting the most-secure method from the ones you have available.

If you don't want to use the method Duo automatically suggests for that application, cancel the Duo authentication in progress and click or tap Other options. Then, select the method you want from the list.

Completing Duo login sets the login option you used as the first choice for this application. Future Universal Prompt logins to that application from the same device and browser will automatically use that same method. If you cancel the authentication in process and choose a different device, then the device you use becomes the first choice for that application.


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