Davidson One for Employees

Davidson One is a web and mobile application designed for the Davidson community.
With Davidson One, users can easily access resources across Davidson in one spot. Davidson One supports customized versions for students, employees, and guests of Davidson.

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Easily access resources across Davidson in one spot. Davidson One is designed as a hub to link to the information you use the most on campus. As an employee, you can use Davidson One to find links to upcoming events, HR information, reports, your email inbox, employee news, classifieds and more.

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Submitting Employee News, Student Events & Classified Posts

Submitting Employee News in Davidson One 

Submitting Classified Posts in Davidson One

Submitting Student News & Events


Davidson One Features

Employees must log in to Davidson One with their Davidson email and password to gain access to the employee portal. For many connected features, an additional initial login to individual services (reports, email, Banner, etc.) is required. The Davidson One mobile app will save user credentials for these services for a limited period, and allow one-click access to these services when a user is logged into the Davidson One app. 

View a Guided Tour of Davidson One [26 minutes - Requires Davidson login]

Switching Profiles: If you have been using the student profile on Davidson One, click the arrow on the top right of your screen to switch profiles, or use the Settings option in the mobile app.

Current Davidson One for Employees features:

  • Access the Human Resources info site (login required)
  • Access the Wildcat Wellness site (login required)
  • Access Davidson email (login required)
  • Access Davidson reports (login required)
  • Access Banner (login required)
  • Access TimeClock Plus (login required)
  • Access Team Sites like Academic Affairs, Dining Services and Advisors
  • Access Dining Menu and Hours
  • Access past newsletters and reports in News Archive
  • Frequently dialed Help numbers
  • View on-campus events, including Hub and EMS Public Events
  • Links to frequently used programs and websites
  • List of offices and hours
  • List of Davidson Social Media Accounts
  • Link to Maps on Campus
  • View live access to dining dollars and declining balance
  • View live access to vacation and sick leave time off balances
  • View and submit employee news and announcements
  • View and submit classifieds for the Davidson campus and community (login required)

Opt-In Tiles: Several tiles are hidden by default, and can be accessed and added to your Davidson One main page through the "Arrange" function (on desktop, after selecting "Arrange" switch from tile view to list view in the top left to see currently disabled tiles). The full list of opt-in tiles for employees is:

  • Academic Affairs
  • Athletics
  • Banner Admin
  • Banner Self-Service
  • Blackbaud CRM
  • CatCard Services
  • Common Data Set
  • Davidson College main page
  • Dining Services

  • Directory
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
  • EMS Reservation
  • Etrieve Central
  • Handshake
  • Google Drive
  • Kuali Build
  • Library
  • LinkedIn Learning
  • Moodle
  • Oracle Cloud
  • Registrar’s Office
  • T&I Support Center

  • WildcatSync
  • Zoom

Receiving Push Notifications: Currently, employees can subscribe to push notifications whenever a new classified or employee news is posted. To subscribe to these alerts, select "Receive Alerts" from the Settings tab on the mobile app, and the top-right corner menu on the web page (You can also find a link to this page in the News or Classifieds form.)

Help us Improve Davidson One

Help us improve Davidson One by suggesting a feature or letting us know of a bug. Send feedback through Settings in the menu tray, the form linked from the header, or email ti@davidson.edu.

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