Banner Self-Service 9: Advisor Overview

Banner Self-Service 9 offers updated features, including a responsive, mobile-friendly interface, along with a new navigation model. While Banner Self-Service 9 has a new look and feel, the features and functionality remain essentially the same.


The login process has not changed. To access Banner Self-Service 9 go to Banner Self-Service, log in with your Davidson credentials, and authenticate. Now is a good time to update any previously saved Banner Self-Service bookmarks in your web browsers.

Once you're logged in, the landing page will display personal information you can click to view biographical and demographic details. (Note: employees must update this information in Oracle). 

What’s New

Advisor Rosters

These are now built into Banner Self-Service 9 making it easier for advisors to access their advisee list.


The four square button, located in the upper left corner, is the launch point to access Faculty and Advisor Services and the Advisor Menu including:

  • View All Advisees: View advisee profile, email, registration notices, holds, curriculum, and current courses
  • DegreeWorks: Link to access DegreeWorks to view audit information and degree progress
  • View Advisee PINS: Link to access your advisee PINS for WebTree registration
  • Course Schedule: Link to view the course schedule 
  • Moodle Advising Resources: Link to Moodle resource page for advisors, link to submit CARE Referral form

Getting Started

Log in to Banner Self-Service. Once logged in, the landing page will display your profile with quick access to view your personal information. On the far right, you’ll see the settings gear, which displays keyboard shortcuts, an icon to sign out, and your preferred name.  Navigation begins with the four square menu located in the upper left corner.  

To access the Advisor Menu, click the four square button to reveal the Banner Menu.

Banner > Faculty and Adviser Services > Advisor Menu



Navigation Tips

  • There are several ways to navigate throughout the platform. Depending on the menu, you may have a breadcrumb option to return to the previous screen, or you may need to use the four square menu to get back to the main Banner menu.  
  • Clicking on the Davidson College logo in the banner at the top of the page will always bring you directly back to the My Profile page.  
  • Use the right-click option to open external links in a new tab. 

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Need Help?

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