Banner Self-Service 9: Advisor Rosters

Advisor Rosters

To view your Advisee roster in Banner Self-Service 9:  

Log in to Banner Self-Service and click the four square to begin navigation:

Banner > Faculty and Advisor Services > Advisor Menu > View All Advisees 

The current term is the default, but you can use the dropdown to select a different term, if needed. The best way to get quick access to all of your advisees is by selecting View My Advisee Listing.


The View My Advisee Listing page displays all of your advisees and other information about the students including major, student status, and holds. To view all columns, use the slide bar located at the bottom of the page.


Email All

To email all of your advisees, use the "Email All" button located on the right.



View Student Profile

To view a student’s profile, click View Profile under the Name and ID column.  This will display the students information including their email, curriculum and courses, and any holds the student may have. 

Note:  The status “Standing”, located next to “term” at the top of the profile page, displays “Good Standing”.  This denotes that a student is permitted to register, but does not take into consideration any code of conduct issues.
Click on the CRN column to view class details including the course description, prerequisites, and attributes.  You can also click on the instructor's name to view more information including campus location. 
Additional links are provided to Degree Works and to our Transcript information website.  We recommend using the right-click option to open external links in a new tab.  

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