Banner Self-Service 9: Student Overview

Banner Self-Service 9 offers updated features, including a responsive, mobile-friendly interface, and a new navigation model. While Banner Self-Service 9 has a new look and feel, the features and functionality remain essentially the same.


The login process has not changed. To access Banner Self-Service 9 go to Banner Self-Service and login with your Davidson credentials and authenticate. Once logged in, the landing page will display personal information, which you can click to view. (Note: students must email the Registrar’s office to update information.)


What’s New

  • Action Items: Tasks you need to complete will be listed under action items. This will only be visible if you have action items assigned to you.
  • Add/Update Proxy Access: If you set up a parent/proxy in Banner Self-Service 8, authorizing access to all features (1098T and Financial Aid Overview), you don’t need to take further action.
    If you did not authorize all access,  you must reauthorize your parent/proxy in Banner Self-Service 9 using the Add/Update Parent or Responsible Party (Proxy) Access button upon login.  
    • Conditional Add/Drop: This optional feature applies when adding and dropping. The course being dropped will not be removed until the other course has been added.
  • Navigation: The four square button, located in the upper left corner, is the launch point to access the Student Services Menu and Financial Aid Menu including:
    • DegreeWorks: Link DegreeWorks to view audit information and degree progress
    • View the Course Schedule: Link to the course schedule
    • Add/Drop and Student Schedules: Access registration, holds, current and past schedules, and add/drop classes
    • Student Grades: View grades, GPA and curriculum information 
    • Textbooks for Upcoming Semester: Link to College Store to search and order textbooks and materials for the semester
    • Student Billing /Accounts
      Access tuition statement, tuition and Fee balances (Nelnet), 1098T information, request a credit balance refund, complete online health insurance waiver or tuition refund plan waiver.
      Note:  NelNet requires multi-factor authentication.  If you haven’t configured this, you may be required to do so upon first login.  
    • My Housing: Link to Residence life housing portal
    • Transcript Information: Link to transcript information and ordering process
    • Financial Aid Dashboard: Requirements, general financial aid resources, award offer, financial aid history and notifications 
    • Financial Aid Information and Contacts: Link to Davidson College Financial Aid website

Getting Started

Log in to Banner Self-Service. Once you've logged in, the landing page will display your profile with quick access to view your personal information. On the far right, you’ll see the settings gear, which displays keyboard shortcuts, an icon to sign out, and your preferred name.  Navigation begins with the four square menu located in the upper left corner. 


From the Banner menu, select Student Services to view the full list of resources.

Student Services


Student Billing/Accounts

From the  Banner menu, select Financial Aid to view the full list of resources. 


Navigation Tips

  • There are several ways to navigate throughout the platform.  Depending on the menu, you may have different options to return to a previous screen, or you may need to use the four square menu to get back to the main Banner menu.  
  • Clicking on the Davidson College logo at the top of the page will either take you back to your profile page or provide a link to return home to Banner General Self-Service.
  • Use the right-click option to open external links in a new tab. 

Additional Articles

Coming Soon: Conditional Add/Drop


Need Help?

Experiencing a technical issue? Check the T&I Support Site for the latest information and support options. Have a question about Banner Self-Service 9? Contact the Registrar’s Office at

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