Banner Self-Service 9: Class Rosters - Faculty

Class Rosters

The steps below outline how to view your class rosters in Banner Self-Service 9.   

First, log into Banner Self-Service and click the four square to begin navigation:

Banner > Faculty and Advisor Services > Class Rosters 

This will open a list of courses by term, with the current term set as the default view.   You can select the dropdown to view additional terms or just anywhere in the specific course row to view the roster. 


Once you’ve selected a course, the class roster will display information related to the course including:

  • Term, course number, and CRN. You can select the dropdown to view and access other courses in this term.  You have the option to collapse these details if you choose.
    Note: We do not use Wait Lists and as of right now there are no plans to enable them. Please also ignore the Cross List information as we do not use Banner’s built-in cross list features.
  • Export or print your class roster. Printing a PDF will include student photos, while exporting to Excel will not.
  • Search for a specific student, or hover over a student name to view additional details.
  • Email students, individually or as a class.  Use the first check box above the first student to select all students, and then select the blue mail icon to the right.  This will open your college email account in Microsoft Outlook.

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