Banner Self-Service 9: Grade Entry - Faculty

The steps below outline how to search your courses and enter grades in Banner Self-Service 9.   Although the platform looks a bit different, the process of entering grades is essentially the same. 

View an Overview Video [1:49]

  1. Log into Banner Self-Service and click the four square to begin navigation, then open
    Banner > Faculty and Adviser Services >Faculty Grade Entry
    Each course will display the current grading status:
    • Red  (Not Started)
    • Orange (In Progress)
    • Green  (Completed)
  2. Select the course you want to grade.
    • The Final Grades tab should be the default. If not, select it.
      Note: Ignore midterm and gradebook options as these are not in use at this time.
    • If your current classes are not visible, click on the word Term in the header row to re-sort the page so your current classes appear first.
    • Click on the course to open the roster for grading. The roster will open on the same page below the course search results.
    • Hovering over a student's name will display their photo, email address, and degree program information.
  3. Grade your course.
    • Use the dropdown in the “Final Grade” column to select the grade for each student. Click the Save button at the bottom of the page, below the page navigation. If you have more than 30 students enrolled in a course, click Save then use the page navigation arrows to go to the next page to complete grading. 
    • Once Grading Status is green, the course is completely graded, You can make changes until grades have been officially rolled by the Registrar’s office. Grades that have been rolled will be indicated with a check in the “Rolled” column. Once rolled, any grade changes must be submitted via the Grade Change Request Form, linked in the Faculty and Adviser Services menu.

Faculty Grade Entry Preview


  1. Final Grades should be the default to begin grade entry
  2. If you don’t see your current courses, you can Search for a course here
  3. Or, click the word Term to re-sort the list so your current courses appear first 
  4. Check grading status
  5. Select the course you would like to grade


  1. Enter final grade
  2. Click the dropdown and select grade
  3. Note any grades that have been rolled (indicated with green check)
  4. Search for a specific student 

Be sure to click Save before moving to the next page (if you have more than 30 students enrolled in the course). The reset button will clear unsaved changes.  You will be prompted to confirm before proceeding..


Need Help? 

Experiencing a technical issue? Check the T&I Support Site for the latest information and support options. Have a question about Banner Self-Service 9? Contact the Registrar’s Office at

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