Managing Your Favorite Reports on


One user-friendly feature of the Power BI Report Server on is it allows you to tag your favorite reports for quick and easy access. Any reports you tag as favorites will become visible under the Favorites tab in the web portal header, and the Favorites tab will thereafter become your default landing page whenever you access the server.


Adding a New Report to Your Favorites

To add a report to your favorites, you can hover over the report's tile in the report server interface, where you'll see a star icon on the far right side of the tile. This is the "Add to Favorites" button. Clicking this button will add the report to your favorites. 



You can also favorite a report by clicking the ... icon on the report tile to open its context menu, where you will see an option to "Add to Favorites."


Any reports you have favorited will show a black star on the right side of the report tile, and will automatically show up in your Favorites tab.

One important thing to note about this feature is that, once you have "favorited" any reports, the "Favorites" tab will become your default landing page whenever you go to from then on. If you anticipate you'll be using a particular report very often, like on a daily or weekly basis, it's a great idea to use the "Add to Favorites" feature so that you'll have quicker access in the future.


Removing a Report From Your Favorites

To remove a report from your favorites, you can either click the star icon on the right side of the report tile, or you can open the context menu and select the "Remove from Favorites" option.




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