Banner Admin Pages - Troubleshooting Common Problems

After a Banner System upgrade or patching, an array of browser related issues can occur such as login errors, pages displaying improperly, and favorites not showing. Please go through the troubleshooting steps below, following them typically fixes most common problems.

Please note: that Banner Admin Pages are used by administrators and select staff. This is separate from Banner Self-Service which is utilized by all faculty, students, and staff.

1. Clear the browser cache

Sometimes old page reference files in your web browser aren't refreshed. Clearing your browser cache can accomplish this. Please follow the steps in the Clearing Your Browser's Cookies/Cache article.

2. Update old bookmarks

If you are using a browser bookmark to access Banner Admin Pages, it may need to be updated. First, go to your Banner bookmark and confirm it is pointing to If it is not, delete it and create a new bookmark to Fully log out of Banner and try logging in with this new bookmark.

3. Use another browser

Log in to Banner using a different browser from the one you primarily use and determine if the problem persists in the new browser. 

If one or a combination of these steps resolves your Banner issue, fantastic! If your problem still persists after trying all three steps, please email the T&I Support team at and share with them all of the steps you took along with any helpful screenshots of your problem.

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