CatSched Usage Instructions

CatSched is a web application that allows faculty members to enter their course details and classroom preferences for the upcoming academic year.

NOTE: CatSched is only available when it is time to enter course information for the upcoming academic year (usually December - January). The Registrar will inform users when CatSched is ready for use.

Sign in

  1. Go to
    • use any browser except Internet Explorer
  2. Sign in using your Davidson credentials
  3. If you have trouble accessing the site, please contact the Registrar.

Add a Course

  1. Choose your department and semester in the lefthand menu
  2. Click "Import Previous Class" if you've taught this course before
  3. or click "Create New Course" if this course has never been offered in the past
  4. Your course should appear in the lefthand menu. Click on it to edit 

Note: All the courses in grey were crossposted or listed in the current department. They are not editable -- you must go to the course where you created them to make changes. 

Choose a Room

If you are a Wall resident, need a special room (dance studio, computer lab), or have a personal need for a specific room, please choose your room under "Specialty Room Request."

Otherwise, you will need to fill out room preferences so the tool can assign you to a room. Please follow these instructions when filling this section out:

  1. Ranking your choices from 1 to 3, select your preferred building and room type (auditorium, standard desks, etc). Rooms that match these criteria will appear under "Possible Rooms." Note that you aren't guaranteed any of these rooms.
  2. Select 4 other room features that are important to you under "Features." Select by order of importance (first: most important, last: least important).
  3. Select your room size, factoring in the combined ceiling for your class.

CatSched will try to find the best solution for everyone when assigning rooms.

NOTE: The more information you fill out, the more likely you are to get a room you want! 

Calendar View

Use "Calendar View" to see a schedule of courses offered. It updates at two minutes after the hour and half hour.

Other Questions

Please contact the Registrar with any other questions/concerns.


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