DocuSign Department Administrator


A DocuSign department administrator performs all tasks required to manage a DocuSign account for a department as outlined in this article.  

Administrator Responsibilities

The first task for a department administrator is adding user accounts for anyone in your department who will be using the DocuSign service, whether that is creating new forms or simply signing off on documents. Please review the resources in this article below if you need help to determine what permissions your users should have or please navigate to and search for and reference the Manage Users - DocuSign eSignature Admin Guide .

Other key tasks of a department administrator involve, but are not limited to the following items:

  • Document template management - creation, editing, and removal of document templates.
  • Document workflow management - creation of approval workflows for documents.
  • Reports - creation, scheduling and support of department report requests.
  • Maintenance of user permissions and groups - add, edit and remove permissions for all users of your department DocuSign account. 
  • Use of the DocuSign test environment to develop and test new templates and workflows.
  • First point of support for any template, workflow, and permissions needs of users in your department 
  • A primary contact for reaching out to DocuSign support or T&I if you (or others in your department) have specific service or training questions

Administrator Training and Support

Administrators can access DocuSign training through DocuSign University.  DocuSign University is a video platform with self-paced introductory to advanced training modules, plus learning plans.

If you are just getting started we recommend you go through the following DocuSign Getting Started: Admin Learning Plan. Choose, Login with DocuSign, when accessing this site. 

You can also utilize the DocuSign support site: and DocuSign Community, where DocuSign customers ask and answer questions:

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