DocuSign Basics


DocuSign is an e-signature solution that supports the secure transmission of documents and enables users to accept digital signatures. Additional capabilities include creating document templates and workflow processes for documents. Docusign may be a useful service for you if:

  • You have frequently used forms that require users to fill out fields, sign for, or accept information.
  • You have sets of documents that require multiple users to fill them out in a particular order.
  • You have a paper form process that could be improved by moving to a digital format. 

If you are unsure if DocuSign may be able to help with a particular need, please reach out to the T&I Support Center by calling 704-894-2900 or by sending an email to

Requesting Access

To request a Docusign User account, your department must first have a Docusign departmental account. Then you may request an account through your DocuSign department administrator.

If your department does not have a DocuSign account, your department manager can request one through the T&I Support Center. In your request please include the following details:

  • Department Name
  • Name and email of the desired primary department administrator
  • Name and email of any desired backup department administrator(s)

Support & Troubleshooting

The T&I Support Center will troubleshoot any DocuSign issues and if necessary, refer the requester to DocuSign support. Davidson has a support agreement with DocuSign for all campus users. 

Please review the following resources for any questions you may have:

If you are a department administrator, please review our department administrator article outlining your responsibilities and providing additional support information. 

The creation of documents, templates, workflows, and other administrative management tasks is the responsibility of the department and their DocuSign administrator. 


User can access to DocuSign training through DocuSign University.  DocuSign University is a video platform with self-paced introductory to advanced training modules, plus learning plans. Depending on your role, we recommend you start with the appropriate learning plan that applies to your role: Signer, Sender, Admin.


For any details regarding DocuSign service billing please refer to our DocuSign Billing Support article

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