Zoom Meeting: Preparing For Your Event

Gearing up for a Zoom event? Planning is critical to the overall success of any event. Here are recommended best practices when preparing for large events such as webinars and live streaming.  

Know your options
Hosting a large event and not sure what solution to use?  Explore Your Options to help you decide whether a Zoom meeting, live stream, or webinar will best meet your event needs. 

If you are hosting a large event, be sure to see what else is happening on campus for the day you would like to host your event using EMS.

Event Registration
If your event requires registration you'll want to be sure you have the information you'll need to share with participants well in advance.

Davidson College - Webinar and Zoom (1000) Licenses
Webinars and Zoom (1000) require license assignments. Presenters can reserve one of these Virtual spaces in EMS well in advance of your event.  The reservation will generate a ticket to T&I. Someone will be in touch to gather event details and confirm a license is available for your event. 

Pre-Event Training
New to hosting a webinar or live stream or just need a refresher?  Take advantage of free Zoom live training and practice sessions and get answers from the experts!. In this live training, a Zoom trainer will walk you through best practices, customization, and registration for your future webinar. This 60-minute session includes a live Q&A.
Zoom Webinar Live Training

Pre-Event Rehearsal
Schedule time with your presenters prior to your event to review the technology, discuss roles and tasks, and finalize your content. 

Assign a co-host
If you are expecting a large audience, assign a co-host to assist you with managing participants, chat, and Q&A.

Zoom In-Webinar Support
Zoom offers consulting and in-webinar support. For details, including fees, review Zoom Online Event Consulting Services.

For additional instructions and guidance, please see our Webinar and Live Streaming support articles:

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