Kuali Build: Integrations List

What are integrations?

Kuali Build lets you integrate data from other systems like Banner, the Davidson Enterprise Data Warehouse, Blackbaud, Atrium, etc. Below is a list of available integrations with a short description about the data the integration retrieves.

We've split these integrations into two sections:

Form Integrations populate data into a form, like auto-filling certain form fields with user information or creating a dropdown list of options (e.g. campus buildings, departments, etc).

Workflow Integrations send form data to another system. So if you need to upload your data to a PowerBI report or update data in Banner.

Form Integrations

Name Description
API: BuildingsLists all of the buildings in EMS by description.
API: MajorsGets a list of all majors from the Davidson API
API: MinorsRetrieves a list of all valid minors from Davidson College API
API: ProgramsRetrieves a list of academic programs, majors, and minors.
API: SubjectsRetrieves a list of subjects and their respective associated programs of study, administering department, and primary subject chair.
API: Persons (Single Item)Retrieves a single student or employee by Banner ID from the Davidson College API.
API: DepartmentsRetrieves a list of departments from the Davidson API
API: Persons (Search)A list of Davidson users that includes current employees and students from the Davidson College API. This version allows for searching and filtering.
API: CoursesGets a list of courses from the Davidson API
API: TermsGets a list of academic terms
API: TermRetrieves a specific term or the active, previous, or next term.


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