Kuali Build: Integrations List

Kuali Build is a code-free, cloud-based application development platform with business process management functionality. Kuali offers an intuitive and simple way for anyone to create their own forms and workflows using rich, powerful, automated, integrated business applications that are secure, accessible, and mobile-ready.

What are integrations?

Kuali Build lets you integrate data from other systems like Banner, the Davidson Enterprise Data Warehouse, Blackbaud, Atrium, etc. Below is a list of available integrations with a short description about the data the integration retrieves.

We've split these integrations into two sections:

Form Integrations populate data into a form, like auto-filling certain form fields with user information or creating a dropdown list of options (e.g. campus buildings, departments, etc).

Workflow Integrations send form data to another system. So if you need to upload your data to a PowerBI report or update data in Banner.

Form Integrations

Name Description
API: Buildings Lists all of the buildings in EMS by description.
API: Majors Gets a list of all majors from the Davidson API
API: Minors Retrieves a list of all valid minors from Davidson College API
API: Programs Retrieves a list of academic programs, majors, and minors.
API: Subjects Retrieves a list of subjects and their respective associated programs of study, administering department, and primary subject chair.
API: Persons (Single Item) Retrieves a single student or employee by Banner ID from the Davidson College API.
API: Departments Retrieves a list of departments from the Davidson API
API: Persons (Search) A list of Davidson users that includes current employees and students from the Davidson College API. This version allows for searching and filtering.
API: Courses Gets a list of courses from the Davidson API
API: Terms Gets a list of academic terms
API: Term Retrieves a specific term or the active, previous, or next term.
API: Resident Halls Retrieves a list of Residence Halls (restricted access)
API: Resident Hall Rooms Retrieves a Residence Hall Room (restricted access)
SnipeIT: Get Locations Gets IT asset locations (restricted access)


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