PawPrint for Employees

PawPrint is a networked printing software application that allows students and employees to print from personal computers, Davidson College managed devices, and public labs to networked printers available across campus. This article will walk you through how to print and release documents, copy and scan using PawPrint as an employee.   

PawPrint Printer Types for Employees

Choose the PawPrint options that best meet your printing, scanning, and copying needs. Prints will be charged to the cost center/department your account is located under.

  • PawPrint Employee 
    Meets basic printing needs for employees. Documents will print black and white only and two-sided by default. We recommend setting this as your default printer on your computer. To set a default printer, right-click and choose “set as default”.

  • PawPrint Employee Advanced - Canon 
    Color printing on all Canons, and advanced finishing features including stapling and 3-hole punch.

  • PawPrint Employee Advanced - HP
    On HP machines that support it, color printing and advanced finishing features including stapling. Some of the HP printers are monochrome only.


PawPrint Q&A 

Do I need to download anything on my college-owned device to start using PawPrint?

No.  PawPrint printer drivers are automatically installed on Davidson-owned computers, and will be listed as available printers on your Davidson-owned computer. 

If PawPrint has disappeared from your Davidson-owned computer, it is able to be reinstalled via the Self Service application on Mac or the Software Center application on Windows.

PawPrint Printer Locations


Can I install PawPrint on my personal computer? 

Yes! See our PawPrint Installation on Personal Devices instructions.


What is my department charged for printing?

All jobs processed through a PawPrint printer are automatically charged to the cost center/department your account is located under. If you have more than one cost center associated with your account, you should see a prompt at the printer to choose the appropriate role before releasing the print job.

Current PawPrint Pricing (as of June 2024):
Letter or Legal size paper, pricing is per page
Black & White $0.0065 and Color $0.045

Ledger (11X17) paper, pricing is per page
Black & White $0.0110  Color $0.090

Any other size defaults to the same pricing structure as Letter/Legal. Pricing is per page of printing, not per print. A sheet of paper with double-sided printing will be charged for two pages.

How can my department's student workers print and copy?

PawPrint setup for student employees is part of the standard student employee onboarding process. Learn how students use PawPrint for their employing department.


Getting Started: Printer Basics

Send the Job to Print

Print your document(s) as you normally would and select PawPrint Employee from the list.  Depending on your device, you may need to select a dropdown to view the complete list of available printers. If you are printing from GSuite (Docs, Sheets, etc.), select “see more” to view a complete list of available printers. Choose the available option for the printer you'd like to print to: PawPrint Employee, PawPrint Advanced - HP or PawPrint Advanced - Cannon. 

Prints will be charged to the cost center/department your account is located under.

Note: Mac users will be prompted to authenticate when using each print queue for the first time.  Check the box to save to the keychain to limit this prompt.


Print Release

  • Go to any PawPrint location
  • Tap your CatCard
  • Select Print Release
  • Check the document
  • If you are part of more than one department, choose which department will be charged for this job
  • Check Print as Grayscale and Print as 2-sided to save paper and toner
  • Click print

Printing in Color

The steps vary depending on your operating system and the printer. Click here for more information.


  • Go to a PawPrint location that supports photocopying (all Canons, some HPs)
  • Tap your card
    • HP
      • Select Copy
    • Canon
      • Select Access Device
      • Click Access Device again on the screen with your name and department 
      • Choose Copy
  • Configure your Copy as needed


  • Go to a PawPrint location that supports scanning (all of our Canon devices do; only some of our HPs)
  • Tap your card
  • Select Scan
  • Choose Scan to Email, Dropbox, or Google
  • Scan your document
  • You will receive an email to authorize scanning to Google Drive the first time you select the option. Follow the instructions to complete the authorization.
    Scan to Google Drive Authorization Example 

See a list of PawPrint Printer Types Available

Windows users can view PawPrint printers by searching for Printers & scanners in System Settings.


users can view PawPrint printers by clicking on Printers & Scanners in System Preferences



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