Account Lifecycle

Every Davidson student and employee is issued a Davidson account and email address. This article provides information on the account lifecycle and daily account processes.

Daily Account Process Schedule
Accounts are maintained by automated background processes daily at the below times. Updates are generally made next day following changes made to account information in Oracle (employees)/Banner (students).

  • 8:00 AM (Faculty)
  • 8:10 AM (Staff) 
  • 11:00 AM (Students)

Account Lifecycle 
Accounts are created, become claimable, are disabled, and subsequently deleted based on the user's role.



Account Created

Account Claimable

Account Disabled

Account Deleted

Faculty and Visiting Faculty

Upon Oracle HCM entry

30 days before contract start (June 1, Dec 1 for most faculty)

90 days after last day worked

1 year after last day worked


Upon Oracle HCM entry

72 hours before first day of contract

1 day after last day worked

90 days after last day worked


Incoming students on the Monday following graduation weekend.

Incoming students on the Tuesday following graduation weekend.

Withdrawals- Based on enrollment status effective date as determined by the Registrar's office

Graduates - April 30 (year following graduation)

90 days after withdrawal or disabled (year following graduation)


On demand


On expiration date

90 days after expiration


Access to Davidson Services

Access to Davidson College services also cease when email accounts are deactivated. This includes access to Outlook, Shared Mailboxes, Google Drive, OneDrive, Moodle, Qualtrics, and any other services the college provides that you currently access using your Davidson College email and network password. 

Graduating Seniors Guide

Leaving Davidson - Staff

Leaving Davidson - Faculty

Leaving Davidson - Transfer and Withdrawn Students

Leaving Davidson - Retiring Faculty


Account Disablement and Transition
Upon account disablement, an email auto-reply is set to notify anyone sending an email to the account address that the account has been disabled, unless a custom auto-reply has already been set. After an account is deleted, according to the timelines noted in the chart above, a generic email non-delivery response (NDR) would be generated for any emails received at the former email address.

When a graduate is hired for an extended period during their first year as an alumni, their account will be transitioned from a student to staff account.




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