Etrieve AP Payment Requests - Long Form

Submitting the AP Payment Request - Long Form in Etrieve 

This article provides information about how to submit the AP Payment Request - Long form through Etrieve. If you have any questions or issues using this form, please email


1. Access the Form:   

The AP Payment Request - Long form can be accessed through

You will likely be prompted to log in using your Davidson single-sign on credentials and to confirm with Duo.  The form will appear as follows:



2. Complete Vendor Information

Enter the Vendor Number (i.e. the Banner ID of the Vendor). The remaining fields will be populated with the details directly from Banner. If the information does not appear, verify that the Vendor Number is correct.  If the Vendor is new, it may be overnight before the Vendor will be available on this form.




3. Complete Invoice Information

The information from the Vendor’s invoice must be accurately entered. The minimum fields required are the Vendor Invoice (enter the number), the Department Approver (enter as a valid email address) and the Business Purpose.



Note that if you click the checkbox for “Check Pickup”, or “Is there a PO?”, additional fields will appear that you can fill in.  If you have items to be mailed with the check, check that box, and leave any additional notes in the “Check Pickup Notes” for Business Services.  



4. Complete the Account Information

Enter the details of the GL Code (Fund, Org, Acct, and Prog) along with the dollar amount. If additional rows are added (in the case where an invoice will be spread across multiple GL accounts, click the “Add Another Row” button to get additional rows.

The GL Account must be accurately entered or your payment request may be returned to you.

If there is tax, an additional amount, or a discount, enter that onto the bottom row.

Note that the fields in yellow are calculated for you.



5. Attach Supporting Documents

At least one attachment is required with your payment request, such as the invoice that the vendor sent to you. This should be available on your local computer and be either a PDF, JPG, DOCX, or XLSX file. Other visible images may also be acceptable. Click the “Attachments button” to add documents:



This will launch the Upload Files dialog. Click the “Upload Files” link to attach one or more files, and when done, click “Close”


6. Submit the Form

Click “Submit Form” to send the form to Business Services. You can now enter additional forms, or sign out of Etrieve Central.  Click the 3 lines in the upper right corner and choose “Sign Out”.




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