Service Catalog

Technology & Innovation (T&I) provides a wide variety of services, applications, and other tools to support Davidson’s academic, research and business functions.
This Service Catalog lists products and services provided centrally by T&I, but does not include products and technology services managed by individual departments.

Administrative Computing & Business Applications

Systems across Davidson College that support human resources, business functions, and specific departmental needs.

Administrative Computing & Business Applications Services Listing
All Administrative Computing & Business Applications Articles

Communication & Collaboration

Tools for file and information sharing across campus, including phone, cloud computing and video conferencing.

Communication & Collaboration Services Listing
Communication & Collaboration Articles

Desktop, Laptop & Mobile Computing

Devices and basic applications including printing, computers and general-use software.

Desktop, Laptop & Mobile Computing Services Listing
All Desktop, Laptop & Mobile Computing Articles

Information Security

Security processes and procedures including consulting and account management.

Information Security Services Listing
All Information Security Articles


Back-end systems including networks, connectivity and storage services.

Infrastructure Services Listing
All Infrastructure Articles

IT Professional Services

Consulting, training and project management, including guides for getting started with technology at Davidson.

IT Professional Services Listing
All IT Professional Services Articles

Teaching & Learning Technologies

Classroom and learning software, including computer labs and specialized academic software.

Teaching & Learning Technologies Services Listing
All Teaching & Learning Technologies Articles

Research Services

High Performance Computing and research computing services and consulting.

Research Services Listing
All Research Services Articles


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