Kuali Build Form Integration for Etrieve

Etrieve is Davidson's primary document management system. One of the capabilities of this platform is the ability for documents to be auto-filed to user or vendor records via an email integration. The following article outlines the Etrieve email integration process for Kuali Build Forms. Kuali Build is a code-free, cloud-based application development platform with business process management functionality.

Step 1: Request an Etrieve service email for the integration

When using Kuali Build Forms to connect to an Etrieve email integration, an Etrieve service email is used to submit and file a completed form to an Etrieve record. If your department or office does not already have an Etrieve service email for Kuali Build Forms, please request one by submitting a support ticket at ti@davidson.edu.

When submitting the request, please indicate the Etrieve Area and the key fields required to file a document in that area (i.e. Banner ID, Document Type Name, etc). These will be entered into the body of the Kuali Build notification to file the document.

This service email will be created only to include attachments (the completed Kuali Build Form) and will be added in Kuali Build so it is a selectable email option.


Step 2: Create a notification step for a current or new workflow in Kuali Build

  1. Select the Notification option under the ADD STEPS menu and drag it to the end of your workflow.


     2. Under the Notification configuration pane set up the Etrieve Notification. 

    • Step Label: Kuali to Etrieve Document Submission
    • Who will receive this notification? Select Any specific person: <etrieve kuali service email address>
    • Email Subject: Kuali Workflow name + "Etrieve Document Submission"
    • Email Body: Enter key field information into the body of the email using the formatting outlined in the Kuali Build Form Etrieve Email Format KB Article (login required)
    • Attach PDF of the completed document: Checked



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