About: Options For Keeping or Deleting Your Domains Account and Domain Name When You Leave Davidson

Davidson Domains are cleared and removed annually. Seniors graduating, or students leaving the College for any other reason, have one (1) academic year to take over billing and hosting for their domains, or to retrieve content from the account. Faculty retiring or otherwise leaving College employment likewise have an academic year to take over the account or retrieve data from it.

Faculty and students leaving the College for any reason (graduation, retirement, transfer, withdrawal, etc.) should choose one of four options for the disposition of their Davidson Domains account and domain name. Those who want to keep their domain active must (a) choose a service to host the domain name, and (b) make appropriate choices for moving their domain data (WordPress instances, media files, etc.), as required. Options are:

  1. Do nothing -- T&I will deactivate the domain and clear all data stored there. On or after the first of June the year following your departure, your domain name will be deactivated and listed as available in WHOIS (meaning someone else could buy it). Any data in the account will be erased permanently. You may choose to keep a backup of your site data by following these instructions (steps 1-4).
  2. Keep ownership of your domain name and data, and continue to have it hosted through Reclaim Hosting. Reclaim provides the hosting service for Davidson Domains, so keeping your service with them just involves taking over the billing (about $30/year as of 2019). Your method of logging in will change slightly, but the service is otherwise identical. To select this option, follow these instructions (follow the link then under Migration Offer click "Get Started").
  3. Keep ownership of your domain name and data, but move hosting to a third partyThere are many hosting services available, with varying levels of service, reliability, and cost. T&I does not maintain a list of such services, or make recommendations regarding selection of a service. If you choose this option, you will be responsible for working with your selected provider to migrate your domain name and data. Follow these steps to create and download a backup of your domain data to assist in the migration.
  4. Keep just your domain name, move hosting to a third party, and delete all existing site data. Follow these steps to transfer hosting of the domain name (and billing for this service). Be sure to delete any unwanted data in your Davidson Domains account. Any data remaining in the account as of the end of the academic year after your departure will be erased.
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