Upcoming Events report


The Upcoming Events report is a paginated report which allows Davidson College users to see a list of reservations they have requested in the EMS system within a specified timeframe. This report can be run on-demand or via report subscription.


The report uses an automated subscription feature to email any user who requested a reservation within 60 days of the date the report is run, if any of the reservations are marked as being "on hold." The subscription runs every Monday morning before the start of the work week. The purpose of the report is to remind you of your upcoming reservations on hold so you can review them and withdraw any reservations that are no longer needed.

Am I required to do anything when I receive these reports?
No, but the events team asks that you carefully review all reservations on hold and either update or delete these pending reservations to make those spaces available for others who might need them.

Will I receive this report every week?
No, you will only receive a report each Monday if you put a hold on an event space within the next 60 days.

Can I unsubscribe/opt out from these reports?
No, this automated notification is necessary to assist with managing the use of spaces that are available for reservation on campus. Just to reiterate, if you do not have any reservations on hold, you will not receive a subscription report.

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